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This site is maintained by Martin Zombeck of Winchester, MA. When he is not updating the Town of Winchester Web site (, Martin can be found at either the Packer tennis courts or at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, where he is a physicist.

Winchester Star Articles on Useful Web sites

All Academic Subject Areas

General References
World Factbook, Brittanica, Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, etc.

Language and Computers

U.S. Government Services and Resources
Legislative information, National Park Service, IRS, Department of State, Government Printing Office, etc.

Government, politics, policy

U.S. Patent Information
Patent and Trademark Office, IBM Patent Server

Statistical Resources
U.S. Census, labor statistics, demographics, national and international statistical resources, etc.

Economics Resources
Economic statistics, federal budget,
budget office reports, federal funds report,
IRS Stats, business cycle indicators,
foreign exchange, Federal Reserve, etc.

Online libraries, American Library Association, online books, virtual library, etc.

Organizations, book reviews, online books, booksellers

Writing Resources
Style guide, writing assistance, Strunk's "Elements of Style"

Museums of the World Online


Business Resources
Market activity summaries, international markets, currency rates, business sites, consumer resources, stock and mutual fund quotes

Law Resources
Legal information, Harvard Law Library, American Bar Association, Supreme Court database, internet legal resources

Biology, astronomy, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, etc.


Tips, techniques, technical data, digital photography, etc.

Sports web sites - Football, basketball, tennis, etc.

Job Listings
Employment opportunities, company profiles

Catalog of all world languages, translator, etc.

Medical Resources
National Library of Medicine, bibliographic database, AMA, JAMA, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, online Merck Manual, etc.

Online museums, art history, artists and their works, galleries, etc.

Classical music (audio files), classical music links, WCRB, performing organizations, etc.

History of Winchester, Middlesex Canal history, American Civil War, National Archives, historical maps, history sites, etc.

Theban Mapping Project, Web resources, Mayan ruins.

The United Nations, Embassy Home Pages, World Fact Book, etc.

National Geographic online, Harvard Map Collection, Census Bureau data access tools, maps, U.S Geological and Geodetic Survey, mapping services, etc.


Newspapers and Magazines
Online newspapers and magazines from all over the world

World Wide Web Resources and Tools
World web server directory, web tools

US Department of Education, science education and outreach programs, etc.

Colleges and Universities
College Board, financial resources, applications, general information, college web sites, etc.

Real Estate
Local and national real estate listings; sales and rentals

Gardening Resources
Links to gardening sites, plant encyclopedias, etc.

Culinary Arts
Recipes, dictionaries, magazines

Travel guides, area attractions, U.S. Dept. of State travel warnings, youth hostels, Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, Europe Online, translating dictionaries, foreign tourist offices, etc.

Web Search Engines
Search engines, directories

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