Majestic Trees

Millenium 2000 Calendar

photographs by Richard Howard

Himalayan Spruce; Arlington Street., 90 feet. tall, circa 1910.
Canadian Hemlock; Highland Avenue., 90 feet. tall, circa 1860.
Babylon Weeping Willow; Duck pond, 40 feet tall, circa 1965.
Weeping Higgan Cherry; Cabot Street, 25 feet tall, circa 1910.
White Dogwood; Church Street, 20 feet tall, circa 1979.
Pink Chestnut; Wedgemere Avenue, 60 feet tall, circa 1920.
Catalpa Tree; Everett Avenue, 80 feet tall, circa 1890.
London Plane Tree; Lantern Lane, 110 feet tall, circa 1890.
European Copper Beech; Main Street, 80 feet tall, circa 1920.
Sugar Maple; Grove Street, 90 feet tall, circa 1910.
Overcup Oak; Symmes Corner, 90 feet tall, circa 1890.
Red Oak; Town Common, 100 feet tall, circa 1890.

All rights reserved. All images copyrighted by Richard Howard. They may not be copied, altered, or used in any form without the written consent of the photographer.

This special millennium calendar is the result of a collaboration between Peter Wild, Richard Howard, Joe Eiler, and Scott Davis. All are Winchester residents.