Winchester, MA Street Directory

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ADAMS RD 216 Cross to East St F-2
AGAWAM RD off Andrews Rd C-5
AINSWORTH RD from 86 Highland Ave G-2
ALBAMONT RD from 112 Wildwood C-4
ALBEN ST from 48 Highland Ave G-2
ALDEN LN 25 Town Way to Medford Line G-6
ALESWORTH ST 12 Sheffield Rd to 19 Everett D-5
ALLEN RD 4 Pierrepont to Sherwood Rd F-6
AMERWOOD DR Johnson Rd to Buckman Dr. B-4
ANDREWS RD off Samoset Rd C-5
APPALACHIAN RD 70 Highland to Hillcrest G-2
AQUINAS PATH Moore Dr to Plato Ter B-4
ARBOR LN off Wendell St E-2
ARDLEY PLACE from Ardley Rd D-3
ARDLEY RD from 63 Woodside Rd D-3
ARICIA LN off Ridge near Johnson A-5
ARISTOTLE DR off Johnson Rd B-4
ARLINGTON 5 Cambridge to Westland D-5, D-6
ARTHUR 33 Loring Ave to 21 White E-2
ASH Mt Vernon to Myrtle F-4
ATHERTON RD 40 Westland to Emerson Rd C-5
AYER RD Blossom Hill Rd to Oneida Rd D-4
AZALEA RD off Coolidge Rd B-5

BACON ST 230 Main to 90 Church E-5
BALDWIN ST from Holton to Railrd F-1
BATES RD from 390 Washington G-2
BELLEVUE AVENUE from 241 Forest H-1
BERKSHIRE DR off Johnson & Thornberry A-5
BIGELOW AVENUE from 40 Johnson Rd B-4
BIRCH LN off Atherton Rd C-4
BLOSSOM HL RD 136 Cambrdge to Westland C-4
BONAD RD off Englewood Rd G-2
BORDER ST Pickering to Main E-2
BRADFORD RD George Rd to Charles Rd E-2
BRANTWOOD RD from 201 Pond D-3
BRIARWOOD LN W Chardon to Sussex Rd E-6, F-6
BRIDGE 165 Washington to 16 Stevens F-4
BROOKS ST 10 to 34 Grove E-6
BROOKSIDE AVE Washington to 29 Forest G-1
BROOKSIDE PLACE off Brookside Ave G-1
BRUCE RD Edgehill to Ridgefield Rd F-6
BUCKMAN DR off Ridge St A-4
BUSHCLIFF RD off Wolcott Rd G-3

CABOT ST Calumet Rd to Wildwood D-4
CALUMET RD 61 Fletcher to Cambridge D-4
CAMBRIDGE ST Arlington to Woburn C-3 to D-4
CANAL ST 898 Main to Sylvester Ave E-2
CANTERBURY RD 51 to 93 Grove E-6
CAPRI TERRACE off Thornberry Rd A-4
CARDINAL ST from 51 Cross St G-2
CARRIAGE LN off Squire Rd A-4
CARTER ST off Sylvester Ave D-2
CEDAR ST 146 Swanton to Tremont F-3
CENTRAL GREEN from 18 Central E-4
CENTRAL ST 68 Church to 73 Bacon E-4
CHAPIN CT off Chapin St F-2
CHAPIN ST from 155 Swanton F-3
CHARDON RD from 122 Main F-6
CHARLES RD George Rd to Bradford Rd E-2
CHESTER ST 31 Swanton to 19 Irving F-3
CHESTERFORD RD Woodside Rd to Pond D-3
CHESTERFORD RD EAST from 33 Woodside D-3
CHESTERFORD TER from 7 Chesterford Rd D-3
CHESTNUT ST 289 Main to Highland Ave F-5
CHISHOLM RD 155 Forest to N Border H-1
CHURCH ST 568 Main to Cambridge D-5, E-4
CHURCHILL CIRCLE off Churchill Rd H-1
CHURCHILL RD 210 Forest to Sunset H-1
CLARK ST from 807 Main E-3
CLEARWATER RD Willowdale to Town Wy G-6
CLEMATIS ST 518 Wshngtn to 67 Forest G-2
CLEVELAND RD from 355 Cross St E-2
CLIFF ST from 242 Highland Ave G-4
COLLAMORE ST from 30 Cross G-2
COLUMBUS RD Florence to Raymond PI F-3
CONANT RD off Cross St F-2
CONVERSE PLACE 536 Main to 19 Mt Vernon F-4
COOLIDGE RD Ridge St to High St B-5
COPLEY ST 37 Fletcher to 7 Warren D-4
COTTAGE AVENUE 15 Norwood to 79 Bacon E-4
COVENTRY LANE now Briarwood Lane E,F-6
COUNTRY LN from 20 Swan Rd D-5
COX RD off Johnson Rd A-5
CRANSTON RD Perkins to Franklin Rd G-6
CRESCENT RD 15 Winthrom to 10 Mason F-4
CROSS ST 488 Washington to Main E,F-2
CURTIS CIRCLE from Curtis St D-4
CURTIS ST from 11 Pine E-4
CUTTING ST 2S Mystic Av to Manchester F-5

D ST Washington St at Woburn Line G-1
DANA AVENUE from 15 Highland Ave H-1
DARTMOUTH ST 71 Wdgemer to Yale Av D-3
DAWES AVENUE off Bigelow Ave B-4
DEAN RD off Chisholm Rd H-1
DENNETT RD off Holywood Rd G-6
DIX ST 27 to 63 Church E-4
DIX TERRACE from 10 Dix St E-4
DOTHAN ST from James St A-4
DREXEL AVENUE 63 Wedgemere Ave to Yale D-4
DUNHAM ST from 184 Washington F-3
DUNSTER LN from Ridge St A-6

EAST ST Holton to Woburn Line F-1
EATON CT from 34 Eaton St G-3
EATON ST 189 Washngbn to 217 Highlnd F-3
EDGEHILL RD 2 to 27 Ridgefield Rd F-6
EDGEWATER PLACE from 53 Everett Ave D-5
EDITH AVENUE from Bellevue H-1
EDWARD DR off Skyline Dr A-6
ELM ST 100 Mt Vernon to 7 Bridge F-4
ELMWOOD AVENUE 11 Vine to 640 Main F-4
EMERSON CT from 37 Swanton F-3
EMERSON RD 59 High to Worthen Rd C-5
ENGLEWOOD RD 427 Wshngtn to 97 Hghlnd G-2
EUCLID AVE 130 Highland to Hillcrest Pky G-3
EUGENE DR from Forest St H-1
EVERELL RD 212 Mian to 431 Highland F-5
EVERETT AVENUE 73 Bacon to 77 Cambridge D-5

FAIRFIELD PLACE Linden to Middlesex E-3
FAIRLN TERRACE from Squire Rd A-4
FAIRMOUNT 509 Washington to 57 Highland G-2
FAIRVIEW TERRACE from 417 Main F-4
FARROW ST Canal to Salem E-3
FELLS RD 94 Highland to Hillcrest Pky G-2
FELSDALE CLOSE from 378 Highland F-5
FENWICK RD from Bacon to 13 Grove E-5
FERNWAY 42 Cambridge to Arlington St D-6
FIELDSTONE DR off Ridge near Woburn Ln A-4
FLETCHER ST 20 Wildwood to Church D-4
FLORENCE ST 63 Swanton to Irving F-3
FOREST CIRCLE 191-235 Forest H-1
FOREST ST 101 Cross to Stoneham Line G-1
FOX HUNT LN off Hutchinson Rd B-6
FOXCROFT RD 31 Oxford to 141 Cambridge D-4
FRANCIS CIRCUIT from 35 Washington F-4
FRANKLIN RD Pierrepont to Town Way G-6

GARDNER PLACE from 89 Cambridge D-5
GARFIELD AVE 65 Brookside to 79 Forest G-1
GEORGE RD Highland View to Cross E-2
GINN RD off Bacon St E-5
GIRARD RD Emerson Rd to Olde Village B,C-5
GLEN GREEN 11 to 39 Glen Rd D-5
GLEN RD 112 Church to 97 Cambridge D-5
GLENGARRY RD 27 Dix to 4 Pine E-4
GLENWOOD AVENUE from 968 Main E-2
GODDU AVENUE 17 Chestnut to Madison Ave F-5
GOVERNORS AVE 300 Wshngtn to HghInd G-3
GRANT RD 189 Forest to Sunset Rd H-1
GRASSMERE AVENUE Glengarry Rd to Curtis E-4
GRAYSON R D 467 Wshngtn to 85 HghInd G-2
GREELEY RD 34 to 52 Myrtle Ter G-4
GROVE PLACE 31 Grove St to Railrd E-5
GROVE ST 214 Main to W Medford Line E-6

HANCOCK ST 359 Wshngtn to 195 Hghlnd G-3
HARRINGTON RD from 83 Bacon E-4
HARRISON ST 9 Lawrence to Wildwood D-4
HARVARD ST 358 Washington to Railrd F-2
HASTINGS RD off Sussex Rd E-6
HAWTHORNE RD off Johnson Rd B-4
HEMINGWAY ST from 940 Main E-2
HENRY ST 76 Dunster Ln to Arlington Ln A-6
HERRICK ST 341 Main to Highland Ave F-5
HIGH ST Cambridge St to beyond Ridge B,C-5
HIGHLAND AVE 153 Forest to 89 Main F-6 - G-2
HIGHLAND TERRACE from 23 Highland Ave G-2
HIGHLAND VIEW AVE 229 Cross to East F-2
HILL ST 921 Main to Lochwan E-2
HILLCREST PKWY Applchn to 148 Hghlnd G-3
HILLSIDE AVENUE from 9 Winthrop F-4
HILLTOP RD Girard Rd to Pilgrim Dr C-5
HINDS RD Sunset Rd to Sawmill Brk Rd G-1
HOLLAND ST 70 Swanton to Shore Rd F-3
HOLLYWOOD RD from 20 Franklin Rd G-5
HOLTON ST 169 Cross to Woburn Line F-1
HORN POND BROOK RD from 105 Middlesex E-3
HUTCHINSON RD Arlington Ln to Ridge St B-6

INDIAN HILL RD High to Arlington C-5
INVERNESS RD from 20 Chesterford Rd D-3
IRVING ST 360 Washington to Railrd F-2
IVY CIR from Wildwood opposite Lawrence D-4

JAMES ST Arlington Une to Henry St A-6
JEFFERSON RD 350 Highland to Lawson F,G-5
JOHNSON RD Westland to Lexington Ln B-4

KEENAN DR off Forest Sbreet H-1
KENDALL ST 110 Mt Vernon to 13 Bridge F-4
KENILWORTH RD Euclid Ave to Fells Rd G-3
KENWIN RD 499 Washington to 71 Highland G-2
KIRK ST from 91 Loring Ave E-2

LaGRANGE ST 7 Norwood to 89 Bacon E-4
LAKE ST 718 Main to Palmer E-3
LAKEVIEW RD 70 Bacon to Mystic Val Pky E-5
LAKEVIEW TERRACE off Lakeview Rd E-5
LANTERN LN off Palmer St E-4
LARAWAY RD Waterfield Rd to Church F-4
LAUREL ST 9 Fletcher to Warren D-4
LAUREL HILL LN from 196 Forest H-1
LAWRENCE ST 34 Wildwood to Cabot D-4
LAWSON RD 32S Main to beyond Jefferson F-5
LEBANON ST 416 Wshngtn to 212 Hghlnd G-2
LEDGEWOOD RD Prospect to Mason G-5
LEDYARD RD Pierrepont Rd to Franklin Rd F-6
LESLIE RD Lawson Rd to So Border Rd G-5
LEWIS RD 75 Church to Wildwood E-4
LINCOLN ST 321 Wshngtn to 151 Hghlnd G-3
LINCOLNSHIRE WAY from 298 Main F-5
LINDEN ST from 9 Lake E-3
LLOYD ST 19 Mystic Ave to Mystic Val Pky F-5
LOCHWAN from east of Loring to Hill E-2
LOCKE ST Dunster Ln to Arlington Ln A-6
LOCKELAND RD 121 High to Ridge B-5
LONGFELLOW RD off Hawthorne Rd B-4
LORENA RD Prospect to Leslie G-5
LORING AVENUE 247 Swanton to Cross E-2
LORING CT off Loring Ave E-2
LOWELL AVENU off Cross St F-2

MADISON AVE 275 Main to Highland Ave F-5
MADISON AVE WEST 282 Main to Winslow Rd F-5
MAIN ST Medford Ln to Woburn Line F-6, E-2
MANCHESTER RD 15 Mstc: Av to Mstc Val Pky F-5
MANOMET RD from 75 to 107 High C-5
MAPLE RD 125 Forest to Fairmont G-2
MARCHANT RD from 464 Highland Ave F-6
MARION ST 507 Washington to 36 Cross G-2
MARSHALL RD 243 Main to Everell F-5
MASON ST 17 Winthrop to Ledgewood Rd F-4
MAXWELL RD 24 Mystic to Mystic Val Pkw F-5
MAYFLOWER RD Lockland Rd to Ridge B-5
McCALL RD Myopia Rd to Fernway D-6
MEADOWCROFT RD off Rangeley Rd E-4
MERIDEN RD Main to North Gateway . F-6
MIDDLESEX ST 61 Lake to Canal E-3
MT PLEASANT 7 Washington to 319 Highland F-4
MT VERNON 559 Main to 257 Highland F-4
MYOPIA RD 76 Cambridge to Arlington C-6
MYRTLE ST 83 Wshngtn to Mys Val Pky F-4
MYRTLE TER 266 HghInd Av to Winthrop G-4
MYSTIC AVE 366 Main to Mystic Valley Pky F-5
 Bacon & Bacon to S Border Rd E-6, F-5

NASSAU DR Thornberry, Rd to Berkshire Dr A-5
NATHANIEL RD 432 Washington to Tufts Rd G-2
NELSON ST 196 Washington to Oak F-3
NEW MEADOWS RD 106 Wildwood to BIsm Hill C-4
NEWTON RD Fells Rd to Hillcrest Pkwy G-2
NEWTON ST off Holton St F-1
NILES LN from 34 Everett Ave D-5
NORFOLK RD Woodside Rd to Pond D-3
NORTH BORDER RD off Chisolm H-1
NORTH GATEWAY Chardon to S Bateway F-6
NORWOOD ST 76 Church to Central E-4

OAK KNOLL from Brooks opp Sanborn F-5
OAK ST 256 Washington to Railrd F-3
OAKLAND CIRCLE from 24 Grove E-5
OLD LYME RD off Hawthorne Rd B-4
OLD OAK LN 3 Stevens to Highland Ave E-4
OLDE VILLAGE DR Johnson Rd to High B-4
OLIVE ST from 38 Florence F-3
ONEIDA CIRCLE Oneida Rd to Seneca Rd C-5
ONEIDA RD 122 Cambridge to Westland Ave C-5
ORIENT ST 547 Washington to Maple Rd G-2
OVERLOOK WAY from 72 High C-5
OX PASTURE S Gateway to N Gateway F-6
OXFORD ST 109 Church to Dartmouth D-4

PALMER ST Wildwood to Lake St E-4
PARK AVENUE 267 Washngtn to 172 Hghlnd G-3
PARK RD from 271 Washington G-3
PARK ST 578 Main to Vine F-4
PARKER RD Woodside to Ardley Rd D-3
PARTRIDGE LN off Berkshire Dr A-5
PENN RD Oneida Rd to Seneca Rd D-5
PEPPER HILL DR Dunster to Ridge A-6
PERKINS RD Ledyard to Franklin Rd G-5
PHEASANT LN off Winthrop Street Extension G-4
PICKERING ST Woburn Ln to Sheridan D-2
PIERREPONT RD 404 Highland to Franklin F-5
PILGRIM DR Bigelow Ave to Hilltop Rd B, C-4
PINE GROVE PARK from 241 Cross F-2
PINE ST 62 Church to Wildwood E-4
PLATO TERRACE Aristotle Dr to Socrates Wy B-4
PLYMOUTH RD from Mayflower Rd B-5
POCAHONTAS DR from Mayflower Rd B-5
POLK RD from 201 Forest H-1
POND ST 195 Cambridge to Woburn Line D-3
PORTER ST Sylvester Ave to Hrn Pnd Brk D-2, 3
PRINCE AVE 360 Wshngtn to 135 HIghInd G-3
PRISCILLA LN Town Wy to Medford Line F-6
PROSPECT ST 379 Main to beyond Highland F-5

QUIGLEY CT from 56 Swanton F-3

RANGELEY RIDGE Rangeley Rd to Meadowcrft E-4
RANGELEY RD 44 Church to Central E-4
RAVENSCROFT RD 62 Bacon to Lakeview Rd E-5
RAVINE RD 58 Church to Rangeley Rd E-4
RAYMOND PLACE 36 Chester to Florence F-3
RED COACH LN Wainwright to Surrey C-3
RESERVOIR ST 65 HghInd to Hillcrst Pky G-2
RICHARDSON ST 856 Main to Farrow E-3
RIDGE ST Arlington Ln to Woburn Ln A-4, B-6
RIDGEFIELD RD Sanborn to Edgehill Rd F-6
RIDGEWAY from 131 Washington F-4
RISLEY RD Sargent Rd to Town Way E-6
RIVER ST from 262 Cross F-2
ROBERTS RD off end Emerson Rd C-4
ROBIN HOOD RD 43 Westlnd to 122 Wildwd C-5
ROBINSON CIRCLE from Robinson Pk D-6
ROBINSON PARK 27 to 41 Cambridge St D-6
ROCK AVENUE from 10 Hill E-2
ROCKY LEDGE TER off Wagon Wheel Rd C-4
ROYAL ST from 90 Sylvester Ave D-2
ROYALSTON AVENUE from Sawmill Brook Rd G-1
RUMFORD ST Canal to Salem E-3
RUSSELL RD 961 to 1003 Main E-2
RUSSETT LN Pilgrim Dr to Bigelow Ave D, C-4

SACHEM RD 12 Westland to Indian Hill C-5
ST AUGUSTINE CT off Socrates Way C-4
ST THOMAS MOORE DR Aristotle to Socrates B-4
SALEM ST 826 Main to Farrow E-3
SALISBURY 37 Calumet to beyond Wildwood D-4
SAMOSET RD Manomet Rd to Arlington C-5
SANBORN PLACE from 8 Sanborn St F-5
SANBORN ST 208 Main to 4 Brooks F-5
SARGENT RD 430 Highland to beyond Town Wy F-6
SAWMILL BROOK RD from 8 Sunset Rd G-1
SCHOOL ST 51 Church to 19 Dix E-4
SENECA RD Penn Rd to Westland Ave C-5
SHEFFIELD RD 94 Church to 23 Everett D-5
SHEFFIELD WEST 25 Sheffield to Everett D-5
SHEPPARD CT from 15 Hill E-2
SHERIDAN CIRCLE 1022 to 1034 Main E-2
SHERWOOD DRD Sargent to Ledyards Rds F-6
SHORE RD 565 Main to Skillings F-4
SIMONDS RD off Amberwood Dr B-4
SKILLINGS RD from Mt Vernon to Washington to Main F-3
SKYLINE DR Arlington to Lexington Line A-6
SOCRATES WAYJohnson Rd to Wainwright C-4
SO BORDER RD Medford Line to 246 Mystic Valley Pkwy G-4
SO GATEWAY 80 Main to N Gateway F-6
SOUTHFIELD RD off Dennett Rd G-6
SPRUCE ST 96 Swanton to Shore Rd F-3
SQUANTO RD Manomet to Emerson Rds C-5
SQUIRE RD across Thomberry to Wincrest A-4
STANDISH LN off Alden Ln F-6
STEVENS ST 158 Mt Vernon to Eaton F-4
STONE AVENUE 389 Wshngtn to 121 HghInd G-2
STOWELL RD Everell Rd to 135 Main F-5
STRATFORD RD 90 Bacon to Everett Ave E-5
SUMMER ST from 7 Tremont F-3
SUMMIT AVENUE from 26 Mt Pleasant F-4
SUNSET RD from 607 Washington G-1
SURREY RD Wainwright to Wagon Whl Rd C-3
SUSSEX RD from 84 Grove E-6
SWAN RD 88 Cambridge to 67 Arlington C-5
SWANTON ST 287 Wash to 833 Main E-2, F-3
SYLVESTER AVE Canal to beyond Upland D-2
SYLVESTER CT off Sylvester St D-2
SYMMES RD Winslow Rd to 240 Main F-5

TAFT CIRCLE from Taft Dr D-5
TAFT DR off High St D-5
TANGLEWOOD LN off Girard B-4, 5
TANIA CIR off Ridge Street A-5
THE LEDGES off Wainwright Rd B-3
THOMPSON PLACE off Loring Ave E-2
THOMPSON ST Main to Waterfield Rd F-4
THOREAU CIRCLE off Girard Rd B-5
THORNBERRY RD Wincrest Dr to Squire Rd A-4, 5
THORNTON RD 158 Cambridge to Nw Mdws C-4
TOWN WAY from 59 Main F-6
TREMONT ST from end of Cedar F-3
TRINITY RD off Hutchinson Rd B-6
TUFTS RD from 416 Washington G-2

UPLAND RD from Heminway to Sylvester D-2

VALLEY RD 31 Highland to Maple G-2
VERPLAST AVENUE from 266 Cross F-2
VIKING RD off Ridge B-6
VINE ST 7 Church to 650 Main E-4
VINSON CIRCLE off Ridge St A-4

WAGON WHEEL RD off Wainwright Rd C-4
WAINWRIGHT RD Cambridge to Socrates C-3
WALNUT 201 Mystic Valley Pkwy to Highland F-4
WARE RD off Chisholm Rd H-1
WARREN ST 24 Wildwood to Oxford D-4
WASHINGTON ST 433 Main to Woburn Ln G-1, F-4
WATER ST 896 Main to Farrow E-3
WATERFIELD RD Mystic Val Pky to Church F-4
WATSON PLACE from 20 Sheridan Cir E-2
WEBSTER ST 219 Wshngtn to 203 HghInd G-3
WEDGE POND RD from 52 Vine E-3
WEDGEMERE AVE 115 Church to Dartmouth D-4
WELLINGTON RD Chardon to 10 Sussex E-6
WENDELL ST 380 Cross to 90 Loring E-2
WEST CHARDON RD from 34 Grove E-6
WESTGATE RD off Pilgrim Rd C-4
WESTLAND AVENUE High to Wildwood C-4
WESTLEY ST 214 Washngtn to 58 Nelson F-3
WHITE ST 7 Hill to 247 Swanton E-2
WICKFORD RD off 43 Wildwood D-3
WICKHAM RD 30 W Chardon to Wellington E-6
WILDWOOD ST 73 Church to Westland D-4
WILDWOOD TERRACE from 14 Wildwood E-4
WILLOW ST Wildwood to Palmer E-4
WILLOWDALE RD HollyW Rd to Town Wy G-6
WILSON ST from 112 Highland G-2
WINCHESTER PLACE from 16 Mt Vernon F-4
WINCHESTER TERRACE from 18 Thompson F-4
WINCREST DR off Ridge St A-4
WINDEMERE RD High St Ext to 8 Cox Rd A-5
WINDSONG LN off Olde Village Dr B-5
WINFORD WAY off Town Way G-6
WINSLOW RD from 15 Bacon F-5
WINTER ST from 37 Tremont F-3
WINTHROP ST 63 Wshngtn to Hghlnd F-4
WINTHROP ST EXT Highland to S Border G-4
WOLCOTT RD 220 to 208 Highland Ave G-3
WOLCOTT TERRACE from 3 Wolcott Rd G-4
WOOD LN 19 Arlington to Fernway C-6
WOODSIDE RD 43 Wildwood to 191 Pond D-3
WORTHEN RD 60 Westland Ave to Emerson C-4
WRIGHT ST Dunster Ln to Arlington Ln A-6
WYMAN CT from 77 Church E-4

YALE ST 22 Calumet Rd to Dartmouth D-4
YORK RD Chardon Rd to beyond Sussex E-6


Cemetery E-3
Long Pond G-3
Middlesex Fells Reservation H-2 to G-4
North Reservoir H-2
The Ledges B-3
Town Forest F-6
Upper Mystic Lake E-5
Wedge Pond E-3,4
Wildwood Cemetery E-3
Winchester Country Club C-6
Winter Pond D-3