Winchester Seniors Association (WSA)


Winchester Council on Aging (COA)

The Council on Aging is the official Town of Winchester agency whose eleven members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three year terms, and whose statutory responsibilities include
1) the identification of the needs of senior citizens along with the available resources within the community,

2) the education of the community at large with the problems of aging and the needs of its older citizens,

3) the designing and instituting of services that are needed and,

4) the coordination of the efforts of agencies which serve senior citizens.

The Council's budget is appropriated annually by the Town Meeting. The Council is also eligible for grant awards from the Executive Office of Elder Affairs and the Minuteman Home Care Corporation. The Council is concerned with long range policies and plans, interdepartmental cooperation and col- laboration, outside funding and coordination with other communities and the Executive Offfice of Elder Affairs.

The Winchester Seniors Association, Inc. is composed of all Winchester residents 55 years old and over and its purpose is to promote the well-being of Winchester senior citizens through the delivery of numerous programs and activities, most of which are provided by volunteer personnel. The work of the WSA is financed by annual fund drives, fairs, and donations. The WSA and the COA are two separate organizations working together closely to accomplish their mutual objectives.

The Winchester Seniors Association Trust holds the deed to the land and the Jenks Senior Center. Its five original members were elected by the WSA to be responsible for the upkeep, supervision and rental of the property.

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