Winchester Emergency Management

The Town of Winchester has a comprehensive emergency management plan, as well as a highly skilled emergency management team in place. You can be assured that in the event of an emergency that all emergency services will continue to protect our residents.

In general, residents should always be prepared for an emergency such as a hurricane, blizzard or power outage. Provisions should be stored to last for three days. These preparations include food, water (one gallon per person per day), medications, flashlights, batteries, portable radio, etc.

Residents requiring special equipment to sustain in-home medical treatment, should contact the fire department (781-729-1801) for assistance or guidance.

In an EMERGENCY requiring fire, police, or ambulance response, DIAL 911.

In the event of any attack or other emergency that will directly effect Winchester, the appropriate steps will be taken by town officials. Resident are reminded to keep informed by listening to the local TV and radio media.

Should the necessity for evacuation occur, emergency personnel will coordinate and assist in the effort directly. Otherwise, residents should remain in their homes and minimize any potential for danger.

A copy of Winchester's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is available at the Winchester Public Library for public inspection and online.

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